One of a kind

by Gentry Sanders

Malawi’s animals are as unique and colorful as its people. Some of the species that live in Lake Malawi aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

My experiences in Ntcheu

by Telson Magombo | 6 April, 2015

“For Malawian students, has anyone ever used Mac computers before?”

The somber mood of the students signified the gravity of miseries that thinking about Macbook computers brings.

I didn’t even remember what Mac computers look like. Lucky enough someone had to bear with us by giving an orientation on how to operate them. I received training from my partner, Mariana for transcription and spent the whole day just learning how to open a file.

After familiarizing myself with it, the next challenge was that I had limited time to type the transcription. A second orientation would mean delaying the whole process and the alternative was to bring someone for a help.

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Instagraming through #Malawi

by Chad Stevens

In March, I took my students to Malawi to produce 12 documentary films for CARE Malawi’s Maternal Health Alliance Project. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Take a look from behind my camera.