standardized tests

Standardized tests are stressful, no doubt about that.  Students feel the pressure to perform well in order to get scores high enough for the college of their dreams. In an effort to take some of this stress away, testing companies are allowing special accommodations for students with learning disabilities. Here’s a closer look at those […]

LOVE, enabled

Angela Swanson (right) with father Jeffrey. Swanson’s father is a major figure of support as she comes to terms with disability. How to come to terms with disability, love who you are and let people in. [by Melanie Johnson] Nick Vujicic, who was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of […]

a higher education

college students with intellectual disabilitiesCreate your own infographics [by Margaret Croom] Think College! 1. Research: Postsecondary education for the intellectually disabled is still relatively new. As such, Think College conducts research to better understand how to help students be more successful in their education at a higher level. Students, parents and teachers all participate in […]


What effect does the language we use have on others? Bullies aren’t the only ones using hurtful language. Although, we may not intentionally use hurtful language, everyday words we use might create labels that leave people with disabilities feeling unfairly excluded. A label is a word or phrase used to describe a person or group […]

arts unbound spotlight

When Cate Lazen believed that her daughter was going to be born with a disability, she wanted a way to ensure that her daughter could lead a fulfilling lifestyle rich with creativity. That desire inspired her to found the organization Arts Unbound. by Brandon Wiggins Founded in 2000, today Arts Unbound is an organization whose […]